Monday, 6 April 2009

When I say I'm in love....

You best believe I'm in LOVE, L.U.V!!! I just happened accross
and I am glad I did!
Whenever my Dad was visiting, we'd go with my Mum to a beach nearby, which was covered in old demolition crap... Bricks, tiles, etc... all washed and worn, with their edges beautifully rounded by the erosion of the sea. Mum would collect bricks for this or that gardening project, and I'd collect patterned and coloured chips of old china plates and tiles etc, form them into a mosaic, and then leave it there in the sand to be washed away, and then washed in to shore again.
Her plate-chip mosaics remind me of that and make me smile, and her sculptures are just to die for!!
Fashion Duck is my favourite, but I love them all!

Queen B x

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